Dealipedia - The evolution of the best site for business deals

Dealipedia was launched back in 2008 by internet pioneer Michael Robertson as an easy way to make information about business deals readily available, easily updated and very accessible for everyone. The initial site was built up with thousands of entries by Michael and a team of analysts who then turned it over to the public for "wiki-style" updating and development. During this time Dealipedia (especially the daily email) developed into an important resource for those "in the know" about the free service. Most other information providers charge hefty fees for access to data and over time have been able to invest heavily in product development and/or marketing to drive readership.

In 2012 it was decided that the site could be turned into even more powerful and valuable service. Ownership and develoment plans for the site were transferred over to SoundView Technology Group which is developing a new back end system that will enable much cooler services to be delivered on top of the raw information. We hope to keep Dealipedia basic a free resource for people so that they can continue to have easy access to basic deal information. Right now the plan is to begin to relaunch pieces of Dealipedia in 2014 and be fully functional by the end of that year.

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